Is Summer Over Yet?

This has already been a pretty eventful summer. The day after the kids got out of school, we traveled to Colorado for a little R&R with MiMi and Bappa. Five days after we got home, our friends, the Meikles, (Sharon, Tessa & Lydia), came to visit. The first morning, Grant had a doctor's appointment to get some results back from a mole removal. Well, it turned out to be a Spika Nevus, which is really just a less scary term for juvenile melanoma!! Because there has never been a documented case of melanoma in a child under the age of 16, they call it this instead. However, they treat it similarly by removing a lot more tissue around the site and sending it off to the lab. We are still waiting for the final results!
The next day, we were at the park, enjoying our time, when Grant fell off of a piece of playground equipment and hit is head, neck and left shoulder. He was definitely stunned, and
screamed all the way home. He actually could not even remember what happened, what he had for lunch and why he was still in bed. After watching him for several hours, I decided he was probably going to be okay. Then I noticed his shoulder blade and the absence of any skin. It had been sheared off by the force of the fall and his shirt!
Our friends left, and we were sad to see them go!

The next exciting piece of the puzzle involves Macy!
While playing with the hose outside, Walt was squirting all over the place and sprayed a little too close to the garage. We have one of those painted garage floors that are REALLY slippery when wet. Macy was chasing Walt into the garage and slipped and fell on her left hand. She was trying to brace herself for the fall and ended up braking a bone in her hand. Three weeks and counting for the cast to come off. Next, it's Georgia. She was at a friend's house, playing in their swimming pool. She decided to jump off of the top of their slide, instead of going down the correct way. In doing, she jumped into the shallow end of the pool, and hit the bottom with full force. Subsequently, she is now on crutches with a painful heel bone bruise. Thank goodness it was shattered!!
As luck would have it, I had foot surgery in December and because of my "active" lifestyle, decided to have the screw removed from my second toe. This is a fairly simple in-office procedure, done under local anesthetic. I thought I could handle it with my medical background. Unfortunately, the screw driver broke and then the screw disintegrated in the doctors hand, leaving 1/2 of it in my toe!!! So the following Wednesday, I had to drive myself at 6am to the hospital, go through a complete waste of time & medical supplies, to have my toe numbed and the rest of the screw removed. No soothing anesthetic this time either....had to drive myself home to get the kids to dive practice!!!
As I took Macy to have her hand casted, I backed into a rock - just waiting for the matching can of spray paint to fix that one! Then I sent my Father's Day gift to my dad in Palm Springs.....too bad they are living in Denver for the summer! And last, but not least, I lost my driver's license and credit card in a very remote spot in my car. We had to disassemble the console, and dash to be able to reach it. Oh wait - I also had my brakes fixed and my battery replaced, which then lead to my windshield wiper fluid tubing to be corroded and now needs to be replaced - $300 for brakes and battery, $355 for tubing.
Did I mention this happened over a space of 2 weeks and that Russ was out of town for those 14 days??
We have completely ripped out our backyard and master bath too. It really is complete chaos at the Raddon Household this summer...Is it over yet?


Cortney said...

Oh my gosh! This is one of those inappropriate moments that you have to laugh because it is that bad. Even though your kids are broken I'm glad that they're healthy and alive! I'm sorry I haven't gone by to see you... I need to get on that. I hope things get better for you! Let me know if I can do anything to help!

Doran & Jody said...

MAN oh MAN! You have had quite an adventure this summer.

I'm not sure I want to come for a visit unless I was wrapped in bubble wrap.

Hope you all get better SOON!