After school got out last week, the kids and I drove to Colorado to spend time with MiMi & Bappa (my parents). Macy, Grant & Walt spent the majority of their time with the Likes kids, and Georgia spent time with her friends, Savvy and Tessa. I had an enjoyable time sleeping in each morning, going for walks in the beautiful Castle Pines area and catching up with old friends. We also had the chance to spend time with my cousin Ashlee and her family as they drove from Texas to Utah! One day we all went with Bappa to have some Geodes cut open by a gemologist. We were hoping to find amethyst type crystals inside by found them to be solid, yet awesome. It was fun for the kids to see what was inside the "giant rocks". We also spent time at the local pools and the Cook pool, where these pictures were taken.
Today the boys went with Bappa up in the mountains to fish, hike, and roast wieners and marshmallows. Unfortunately, we did not get any fish for dinner. The girls and I and MiMi went to the Afternoon Tea at the Cherokee Ranch. Cherokee Ranch is 14,000 acres of protected land just west of my parent's home. The castle was built in 1924-1926 and is 10,000 sq.feet. Most recently it was inhabited by Tweet Kimball, who donated all the land to the Douglas County Historical Society, and passed away in 1999. It has such history and the tour was fantastic. Tweet was a wonderful woman and lover of wildlife. She raised cattle and her 2 boys there after being divorced in her 40's. It is an absolutely amazing story. She has one artifact dating back to 300 AD in the home and a huge urn outside that dates back to 1000 BC!!! She has original manuscripts from William Shakespeare and William Penn. There is furniture that dates back to Queen Anne and Charles II, King of England actually stayed there as Tweet's guest. If you are ever in this part of Colorado, it is a fantastic historical site to see.

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Doran & Jody said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

I wouldn't say it was a bad thing that you didn't catch any fish for dinner. I would say that was a GOOD thing. yuck