Spring Birthdays

This spring we had 2 fun birthdays!

First, Grant turned 7 in February. We took his friend Owen and our family to The Mayan for dinner and entertainment. The boys had a great time!
Right now, Grant is into widdling sticks he finds all over the neighborhood. Russ even gave him a pocket knife and showed Grant how to make a really "fine" point! He loves to throw the sticks into the ground and see if they stand up. He is looking forward to spring soccer and warmer weather. He is doing well in 1st grade with Mrs. Martinez, but is ready for school to be out for the summer. He is tenderhearted and kind to those (other than his siblings) around him. He misses his best friend Jake Likes, in Colorado, and can't wait to see him when we get a chance this summer!

Next, Walt turned 5. He is such a happy kid and loves to be home with mommy! I took him out to lunch for his birthday today before school, and he wanted to go the place with the biggest cake! Which turned out to be The Cheesecake
Factory! Walt is a fun loving kid with lots of energy. He loves to talk and make noise for no reason! He is really good at the Wii and will play games with anyone he can find.
He has attended Challenger school for the last 18 months and can read, add, subtract and knows all the pertinent information to enter kindergarten in the fall. He will join the other kids at Quail Hollow Elementary and it will be the only year we have all 4 kids in the same school! He is a joy to have in our family and makes me laugh at least once a day or really, once an hour!

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