Upset Stomach

On Christmas day, between opening presents, eating yummy breakfast and getting ready to go to Grandma's, we had a little "mishap". The footboard under my computer desk in the kitchen had popped up and one of my children was attempting to fix it. As this was going on, the child bumped into the underside of the desk, causing it to shake, just slightly. Just slightly enough to force a Christmas plate I had placed on the "decorative" shelf above the desk top to slide down onto the shelf. This in turn, caused a large water globe (0ne 0f my collectibles) and a reed incense oil diffuser (the essence of Christmas Pine) to be pushed off the shelf and onto my open MacBook computer.
Needless to say, we were in a frezny! I hurried and took the computer to the sink and tried to "pour" the water and oil out of the keyboard. However, the "snow" from the snow globe had lodged itself in the tiny spaces around the letters and numbers on the keyboard. Most of the keys were stuck, pushed down. And then there was the issue of the new "glass" mousepad....Shattered. As the girl in the Apple store said, "I guess that proves that it really is glass". And we did purchase the "AppleCare" 3 year warranty, but it doesn't cover "accidents". Okay, then why in the world did we buy it????
So Christmas dinner came and went, along with Palm Springs, Sea World and New Year's Day. Today, I finally had time to take the computer down to the Gateway store to have it looked at. Davy was able to assist me at first, but then the Fresh Pine scent started to work on his allergies and so I was passed off to Richard! They were able to take out the hard drive and got it to open, however it immediately started to fizzle. The report was that we could send it in to Apple and have it refurbished, and unsure as to whether all my data could be transfered for $750. Or, because the old computer was actually termed "beyond repair" by the Genius Bar, I could buy a new MacBook for $899 (I got a $100 discount for having 4 students in my home - which really only applies to college students, but the whole staff was really feeling bad for me!) But now I had to decide if I wanted the AppleCare Warranty again.....they offered me a prorated rebate on my last one, credited to my Visa, with the ability to buy a new 3 year warranty for my "new" computer. They told me, "If there is only one thing you buy with your computer, it would be AppleCare". Russ didn't agree, but he wasn't there, so I bought that. I also had to by the "One to One", 1 year of training in order for them to attempt to transfer my data. If the transfer doesn't work however, I am free to get a full $99 refund. I sure hope it works.
So after it all settled in, I had a really upset stomach. I am so upset that this has happened and have to pan out $1000 for all the new "stuff". I am really depressed about it, but what do you do? Accidents happen and I learned a good lesson. Don't place liquids around your computer, even snow globes, and always close the top when you are finished. Both of these would have prevented the accident from occurring. Good To Know!

Just a little side note: Not only did the Super Awesome Smelling Christmas Pine Oil ruin my computer, it also too the black finish off my new computer desk! Merry Chistmas!

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meridethandrodmanlikes said...

What a NIGHTMARE! I would have been so mad, frustrated, aggravated. I could go on... I hope you're feeling better.