Do bad things come in 3's?

So I wrote about the disaster I had with my computer in December. Well, 2 weeks ago our neighbor was picking up his daughter at our house and accidentally ran into our garage. He was listening to something on the radio and when the broadcast was over, he simply got out of the car, never putting it in Park! As I type, I am listening to the sound of Roberts Door Repair replace the entire garage door. Fortunatly, this will be covered by our neighbors car insurance! Another $776 toward disaster fund! And then, 2 days ago, I hit another truck's driver side mirror with my passenger side mirror and shattered my mirror to pieces. I was so stunned and flustered by what had happened that I only got out and checked my own mirror. It never occurred to me to leave my information for the poor sucker who I hit. He is probably wondering what kind of idiot would do that? Just me. He was technically parallel parked, but his car was in the street by a good 2 feet and he had an exceptionally long/big mirror. Another $750 toward the disaster fund. And that makes 3 disasters. Will this be the end?

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Janine said...

Hi - It's Janine from the resolutionary group. I just wanted to tell you how much I love the fruit salsa and cinnamon chip recipe you shared. I'm now making it for the second time in a week - each time to serve to people!

When I get a chance, I'm going to come back and read your blog!