Halloween - Utah Style!

We love Halloween at our house. It signals the official start of the holiday season. Here are the kids at the elementary school parade!

Georgia decided to go with an old favorite. She dressed up as a "mom" getting ready for her day. It's a really easy costume, that gets lots of compliments!

Macy, our goofball, decded to dress up as Mater
from the animated movie "Cars". Ya' know.....Mater, like Ta-Mater, without the Ta. This was actually Walt's costume in 2007! Nice job little lady!

My favorite this year, was Grant's costume. He was a Hippy, as you can see. The shirt and pants are his own, the rest we found at the costume store.
During lunch that day, he actually threw the mustache away because it"got all messy and gross". He was unrecognizable to many of our friends, which always makes it a hit for me. Luckily it was warm out that night, as he didn't want to wear a coat!

Walt with his friends Bowen England & Luke Reece. This year, Walt had a difficult time deciding which costume he wanted to wear. We bought the Bumble Bee Transformer, but took it back and chose Mario instead. He loved this but he didn't love people actually calling him Mario. "I'm not Mario, I'm Walt."

This year, Mimi & Bappa stopped and stayed at our house on their way back to Palm Desert. Funny, we've never lived away from them and so they have never actually stayed at our house! We had alot of fun watching soccer games, entertaining family and of course, carving pumpkins. This is a tradition we started when Georgia was a little girl. Mimi & Bappa come to our house, we have chili or some type of yummy soup and we carve pumpkins. The kids love it and the pumpkins always come out great!

We love Halloween!

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