Disneyland Here We Come! Oct. 2009

We just got back from Disney/Sea World vacation with the kids. It was our fall break, so to speak. Our first hotel was a nightmare with no hot water, cockroaches and carpet you didn't want to take your shoes off for. We quickly checked out of there in the morning and would have not stayed at all, but it was 1am when we got there and the kids were done! Then we had a nice (disgustingly dirty) breakfast at Denny's and checked into a new hotel.

We then walked over to Disneyland and as we were waiting in line with 1000 other people, Grant threw-up everywhere!!! I took him back to the hotel, gave him some Motrin and Coke and he perked up in about 30min. We went back to the park and met up with Russ and the others and had a good time. The only problem was that Grant then had diarrhea, and I had no wipes or new underwear with me. I gave him 2 options - wear the underwear or take it off and throw it away. Well, try asking a 6 year old to throw away his "favorite" boxers and you'd thought I told there wasn't a Santa Clause! What he really wanted was to take off the underwear and let me keep it in my backpack. Really?? NO. So he wrapped up his little body and underwear in toilet paper and went the rest of the day like that. Now that we were done with Grant, it was Walt's turn. Although he just peed all over his underwear while trying to poop, he too would not take it off and throw it away. Thank goodness for toilet paper! And, that was just our first day!

We went to California Adventure the second day and got ALL the kids to go on the Tower of Terror.... you should have seen Walt's face. I laughed more at that than anything else all week. My sister-in-law, Naomi, came up that night to meet us and see the fireworks.
We ate dinner at a mexican restaurant in the park and then I took Walt to the bathroom. Well he really had to go, but the women's room had a huge line. So I sent him in the men's room, fully
prepared to wipe his own bum. After waiting for
what seemed like 30min, I finally asked a man who was going in with his kids, if he would see if there was still
a boy named Walt in there. Just about that time, Walt walked out all proud of himself. He had peed on his underwear again, but had managed to wrap himself up in toilet paper, all by himself.

Saturday we went back to Disneyland to do a few rides that we had missed and OMGosh, it was
GAY DAY! Every gay person in California was there with their red shirt on and they were obnoxious and flamboyant to say the least. Two of my favorite shirts were "Plays with gays" and "Cheer if you're queer". The girls are old enough to get what was going on and Macy could only stare and watch and stare. Luckily, we only planned to stay about 1/2 of the day there.

We then drove down to San Clemente where Russ' brother, KASKADE, lives. His other brother also lives in Santa Monica lives. His other brother, Richard and his family live in Santa Monica as well, so they came down to meet us as well. We had great weather that day and spent several hours
in the ocean at the beach. We had dinner together and then Richard's family went home. We spent 2 nights with Naomi and the girls and had a great time staying in their new, beautiful home.

On Monday, we left their house on and went to the San Deigo Zoo Wild Animal Park which was fine...nothing amazing, but some good bird shows and stuff.

We went to Sea World on Tuesday, which we loved. The Shamu shows were awesome and the kids got to play catch with a dolphin. It was a really great park.

After all the good meals, we don't know if we will ever be the same. What a great trip to remember!

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Rachel Freeman said...

I loved seeing your pictures and reading about your trip. It looks like you had so much fun. I wish I could've seen your kids on "Gay Day"!!! Miss you and love the post about my babies. They are so much bigger than those pictures. Oh, and they miss you!!!