A Good Day at Walmart

Since our move to Utah, my parents have been trying to sell their house in Colorado and move west as well.  So, they rented a furnished apartment here for the month of June, trying to find an ideal house.  The kids each had turns staying with them and enjoyed having them so close, if even for just a few weeks.  

My dad took the girls to the park and took these pictures.  Photography has been a hobby of his for a few years now and he has taken quite a few classes to perfect his technique.  So, anyway, I downloaded these pictures to Walmart for printing and when I picked them up, I was met with a little hostility.  The clerk asked if I knew about their copyright policy and did I have permission to print "professional" photographs. 

  I laughed and said that my dad took the pictures and wouldn't he be thrilled that Walmart thinks they are of "professional" quality!!!  
The clerk made me fill out a report with my dad's name and signature, and all my information before she would let me buy them!!

  They are great pictures of my girls and we had a good laugh about it!  My dad does a pretty good job!

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Rebecca said...

The girls really are gorgeous... love these pictures