Moving-In Day

After 6 months of living without furniture, save a kitchen table, one couch, 4 bar stools and mattresses on the floor, we decided it was time to bring it to Utah.  The move itself was actually pretty smooth, however, the aftermath has been quite interesting.  Here are a few photos of the damage caused by the movers.....

Lastly, here is the frame of our king size bed.  Apparently the movers put the slats down without placing the supporting pieces under the slats.  So at 2am, Russ and I heard a "crack".  We got up and looked under the bed, but could not see any immediate damage or danger.  We went back to sleep until about 7am, when Russ rolled over for a little cuddle.  And that's when it happened.  One huge bang and the bed completely broke down the middle and we both rolled towards each other, laughing hysterically!!  Luckily, it's still quite the laugh at our house!

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