Well, we have unanimously decided that the worst part about owning a dog is when they die.  Today, our front door was "mysteriously" left open, and, as usual, our dogs ran away.  Upon discovering this, Grant and Macy went out on their bike and scooter to find them.   And, as usual, someone in the neighborhood called to say they had found our dog, Sparky.  "Do you have 2 dogs?", I asked.  "No", she replied.  I took Walt and the car to the house to find our dogs.  Unfortunately, they really only did have one dog.  And, unfortunately, there was another woman waiting for me by the side of the road, just down from the first house.  She was crying and saying "I'm sorry, I moved her out of the street onto the grass.  I was driving by and saw her get hit.  I am so sorry".  Our poor Spanky Mae was lifeless.  I picked her up and put her in the back of the car.  On the way back to the house, I picked up Macy and Grant, who were still looking for the dogs, and called Georgia to come home from a friend's house.  After much screaming and sobbing, we pulled ourselves together and found a spot to bury her in our backyard.  Russ was out of town, and his mom came over to comfort the kids.  We wrapped Spanky Mae in a blanket that Grant had received when he was born; one that we kept in our car for emergencies.  Laying her in the ground, we placed Sparky in the hole by her side to say his final goodbyes.  With lots of tears, Grandma Raddon offered a sweet prayer for comfort and peace, especially for the children and that they would know that Spanky Mae was in a better place and that life goes on, even after the loss of a loved one.  It was very difficult for Grandma, having just lost Grandpa Raddon last July.  At least we know that Spanky Mae and Grandpa will have each other.

Spanky Mae was such a sweet dog.  We got her just over 2 years ago as a companion to our first dog, Sparky.  Sparky is a very crazy dog and I felt bad for him always being outside running around by himself.  Both of the dogs are Yorkie-Poos and super cute.  We will miss having such a sweet, calm mellow dog around, but I think the kids will be more interested in playing with and taking care of Sparky.  And, maybe the door won't be left open again! 

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