First Grade

Isn't it amazing how the time flies?  One day my daughter Georgia was crawling on the floor; 
today she boarded a plane by herself to spend a week at Summer Camp with her cousin.  She has flown with Macy before, to Mimi and Bappa's house, but never by herself.  AAhh, the days of 5th grade.  I remember going to my first "sleep-away" camp.  It was also with my cousin.  It was so much fun, feeling so grown up and free.  I can even remember my counselor, Sunshine!  I could tell Georgia was a little bit nervous to get on the plane by herself, but she was personally escorted by the Captain and the Co-pilot.  
Maybe she got a little show of the cockpit before choosing her seat.  At one point, I was a little sad that she was already so old!  Could she really be old enough to go to camp, in another state, 
with only her cousin.  But, yes.  She is growing into a beautiful young woman who is becoming more and more independent every day.  I know we will miss her and I think she will get a 
little homesick, but I also know she will have a great time and make great memories. Hopefully, it will be so fantastic that she will want to go back next year.

Fourth Grade

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