Spring Soccer

We are off to another great soccer season with Macy, Grant and Russ as the coach for both teams.  Currently, Grant has scored 13 goals in the last 4 games, and Macy has score the first goal in each of her 4 games.  We are having a great time in Utah.  

The Sandy City Recreation program is truly amazing, compared to what we were used to in Colorado.  This season, for each player, we paid $42, which includes the following: 8 games, 8 optional practices, uniform (shirt, shorts, socks), team photo and one individual picture.  Shin gaurds are required, however cleats are not.  These benefits provide a way for any child to play, regardless of financial situation.  There is certainly a need for parent volunteers, but it is not required.  Now in Colorado, we paid $125 per season, which included.....nothing.  And we were required to volunteer at least 2 hours within the program.  If you opted not to volunteer, there was a $200 fee, per child!  Some things are better here...

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