HCG: Day 20

I am currently holding strong at -5lbs.  Is this really any better then I would do on my own 500 calorie diet, or any other diet for that matter?  I am also having a terrible allergic reaction to something on my skin.  The doctors do not think it has anything to do with the HCG, as it is a hormone naturally found in the body.  I am visiting my parents in California for Mother's Day and so I did not bring my medication with me.  I will take a 4 day break and see if any of the itching gets better....I cannot imagine it getting any worse!  I also have another thought....I have been eating a vegan diet since Christmas and have not had any animal products.  However, on this diet, the doctor strongly suggested I eat at least some type of protein, other than protein shakes.  I began eating whole eggs, egg whites and cottage cheese.  Perhaps my body has produced antibodies to animal products???

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