HCG Diet - True or Scam?

I have a friend who has done this HCG diet, after losing 110lbs after gastric bypass surgery, to lose the last 15-20lbs before major cosmetic surgery.  I have watched her lose 12lbs in the last 20 days and it is unreal.  So, being the "try-all diets" kind of gal, I called the doctor and the doctor said.....Here's the deal:  40 days of HCG injections, with every 7th day off, for a total of 46 days.  During days 1,2,3 you inject yourself in the morning and then gorge or force feed yourself into misery, eating anything and everything you can possibly stuff into your face.  You are supposed to gain 3-5-10lbs in this phase, filling up all your "normal" fat cells, so that your body can then begin to burn your "abnormal" fat cells.  Then for days 4-46 you inject HCG and follow a 500 calorie/day diet.  The diet consists of 3.5 oz protein, 2 vegetables for a specified list, one fruit from a specified list and 50 calories worth of whole grain crackers or melba toast, twice a day.  The HCG is documented to burn 4000 calories from your abnormal fat cells.  By eating just 500 calories, I will burn a net of 3500 calories or approximately 1 pound of fat each day.  Also, I must drink at least 2 quarts of water, but preferably up to 1 gallon.  Black coffee, herbal tea and stevia are permitted.  On days 47,48,49 you continue the diet without HCG injections.  Then for the next 3 weeks you must maintain your lowest weight within 2 pounds for your "fat thermastat" to reset itself.  If you go over 2.5 pounds, you must do a Steak and Tomato or Apple day - which is exactly that!  You only eat the biggest steak you can find and one tomato or apple.  Or you can do a 5 apple day, which is the same - 5 apples, nothing else and very little water!  I know it sounds crazy, but I have seen it work and for me it is worth a try.
I am going to document this experience so as to track my progress and also be accountable for everything that goes into my body.  I will not reveal my true body weight, but will show the amounts gained or lost each day.  So today I begin at 0.

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Rachel Freeman said...

Allison...what do I say crazy girl! I'm worried about you doing this! I will be reading your documentation making sure you're alright. Are you going to be able to eat a steak if you have to? LOL