HCG: Day 6

-1.6lbs.  Yipee!  The day started out pretty well, except I took a swig of Walt's orange juice without thinking....and my whole day sort of turned to pot!  I think one of my big mistakes is that I didn't have any breakfast, which is okay on this diet, but for me it makes my day go by slower and I tend to eat more throughout the day.  Russ had requested steak and potatoes for dinner tonight, so I carefully planned my dinner before I ate anything else.  I was going to have 3/4 cup nonfat cottage cheese, 1 tomato, broccoli, 1 apple and 5 crackers.  Then, I had an EAS protein shake, which doesn't actually fall into the category of 100% whey protein straight (with water only), but it was as close as I had.  I drank that with a cucumber sliced and drizzled with rice vinegar and toasted sesame seeds.  This is actually something I eat quite regularly, so it was nice to have something familiar.  However, I then took a few bites of a buttered/garliced baked tortilla, 4 chocolate covered orange sticks, 4 whopper eggs (should throw out), a few pecans, 2 pieces of hard licorice, 4 small squares of dark chocolate with almonds, a handful of chocolate chips, etc., etc.  I sort of went overboard!!  A few hours later, I did fix dinner and ate my planned dinner without the crackers or apple.  But then I ended the evening with a piece (or 2) of butter pound cake, raspberries and chocolate syrup.  I know I cannot expect myself to be a perfect dieter, but I am disappointed by the amount I allowed myself to put in my mouth.  I guess I was just craving and I really never could find what it was I wanted.  That usually means that your body needs water, but I have had my 2 quarts and am on a cup of "herbal laxative" tea and the 3rd quart.  Tomorrow is my "NO injection" day, so I think, depending on the scale in the morning, I may have a 5 apple day.  Only time will tell - and for the record, I love Gala apples and eating them all day tomorrow actually sounds quite satisfying.

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