HCG: Day 3

+3lbs. Here is my 3rd day gorge diet: 1 Eggo waffle with 1/2 banana, raspberry jam and syrup, 1/2 banana with peanut butter, 2 1/2 pancakes, Builder Protein bar, Clif Protein bar, large fries, 2 cherry pies, 1 pc. temple cake, handful of dried mangos, handful of Apple Jacks, and I topped it all off with a Peanut Buster Parfait with extra hot fudge.  I have not missed one opportunity to force feed  my face.  I am definitely following the doctors orders to a tee and am now ready for the 43 diet days ahead.  Also drank 1 gallon of water and played 3 hours of tennis today!  

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