HCG: Day 2

Up 1.4lbs.  I had more chocolate and powdered sugar donuts for breakfast, strawberries and some protein powder.  I played 1.5 hours of tennis, followed by a large protein shake at the gym.  For lunch I ate 3 small bagel pizza bites, watermelon and 2 snack size snickers.  I had an almond coconut and bon bon gelato at Tai Pan, bought and ate a small bag of caramel popcorn and followed it up with a trial size snack of cashew butter and 5-grain bread at the Natural Foods Market.  I am on my 3rd quart of water; most likely to finish the gallon today.  We are going out to dinner for Rebecca's (my SIL) birthday tonight at Asian Star, one of my favorites.  I am sure to stuff myself without any problems, as I am already sick to my stomach.

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