HCG: Day 11

-1.6lbs. Still!  However, I have had quite a few stumbling blocks along the way.  I am very tempted by food that surrounds me, especially at breakfast time.  I absolutely love cold cereal and milk.  I gave up cow's milk (and all animal products, for that matter) in December and have switched to rice milk, which has helped curb my appetite for cereal, but.....my kids still eat it all!  I have eaten lots of boiled eggs and cottage cheese, which takes me out of my vegan state, and protein shakes.  I have only  myself to blame.  And even when I am making a poor choice, I know it and usually do it anyway.  Is this brownie/milkshake/animal cracker bringing me to my ultimate goal? Every hour is a new one and a chance to do better.  I find that the minute I "mess up", my whole day goes downhill.  I must remember that it's just one decision and to get back on track.  Overall, I am not hungry, just always in the habit of eating yummy treats.  As my dad says, "eating is just a habit".  If we ate the same thing everyday, weight and food choices wouldn't be an issue.  If only it were that easy.  I will try to keep my diet as similar day to day as possible and see if I can't break my cycle.  

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jana said...

I don't really understand the HCG diet plan, but I have to chime in to disagree with your Dad. Eating is not just a habit...it's what keeps out bodies strong and healthy. Eating a wide variety of foods (esp. colorful veggies and fruits)is essential if we want to avoid long-term health problems. Eating a diet of the same thing everyday would probably _not_ be healthy in the long run.

But I'm with you on how bad cold cereal is (way too many carbs and additives)--I gave it up awhile ago and usually have yogurt or a fruit shake for breakfast. I'm trying to break my kids of the cereal habit, too, but it's not easy. Fortunately my youngest just learned to make omelettes and that's helping a lot. :)