Spilt Milk

Tonight as the kids were getting ready to enjoy their evening snack, ie: ice cream with milk, we had a huge disaster.... Georgia, being the independent one, was dishing up her own ice cream.  It had melted a little before we got it into the freezer this afternoon, so now it was pretty firm.  As she dug her spoon into the carton, it slipped out from under her weight and knocked the gallon of milk on the kitchen rug and floor.  I think we lost about 1/2 the gallon before I could get to it.  I reacted unfavorably and sent Georgia into tears.  Then it occurred to me.....it's just spilled milk!  I hugged her and said it over and over again. "It's just spilt milk".  I did apologize for my reaction and we went on with our evening.  I did clean up the majority of it and now I just have a stinky rug to deal with and a somewhat sticky floor to clean in the morning.  

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