So Georgia has been having Left hip pain for almost 3 weeks now.  I finally believed her and took her to see the doctor.  She sent us to Primary Children's Hospital for on MRI, that same day.  This was 2 days ago.  When we left the hospital, the technician said the radiologist would be in in the morning and read the x-ray and phone the results to our doctor, 1st thing.  Well, yesterday I called at 11am and again at 4pm with no answer for the results.  I had also just picked Georgia up at school to take her for her first blood draw.  She needed to get some blood tested for abnormal things, including infection.  She was a great patient!  The doctor's nurse called at 7pm to say that the radiologist had not called in the results yet, but that she would call as soon as she found something out.  Okay, I thought.  But then, my medical brain got the best of me....what if the radiologist is having it looked at by another doctor, for a second opinion.  What if they want to have us come into the office to go over the results.  Maybe it was a tumor; cancer.  I found myself very overwhelmed and sobbing in the shower this morning.  What if we really moved to Utah so that we would have the best doctors to care for Georgia.  Maybe we needed to be near family that could help take care of the other kids.  Maybe Russ actually lost his job and found a job with an insurance company that would guarantee coverage for all the medical expenses we were going to be faced with.  Maybe I joined facebook just to be reconnected with an old friend, who had bone cancer when we were younger, and I would need her support to get through this.  Maybe this was the test of faith I needed to strengthen my own testimony.  Maybe this was because I have been struggling with other areas of my life and this would bring me closer to those around me......WHY HASN'T THE DOCTOR CALLED YET??  I finally called the doctor's office again at 11:30am and she took my message and would tell the doctor - "Could you please tell her this is the 3rd message I have left?"  Well, Dr. Chamberline did call me back and was apologetic for the time delay.  She said the radiologist almost always reads them and reports on them immediately.  As it turns out, the MRI was negative and all the blood work was normal.  No fluid. No infection.  No answer for the pain.  I am now in the process of getting Georgia an appointment again at the hospital with the Orthopedic Specialist. Hopefully, it will all be okay.  We are not out of the woods yet, but boy, how a mind can wander.  I am also in a funk still and feel emotionally drained.  Amazing how the body works.

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