The weather has been beautiful here this week and so I decided to take the kids to the park this afternoon. Driving into the parking lot, there were only two other cars. As we walked up to the play area, I noticed a man and a woman sitting on one of the picnic tables under a shelter. I did happen to notice that the man had a wedding band on, and I could not see the woman's hands. As my boys played on the equipment, this "couple" proceeded to get into the back of one of the cars, a Honda Ridgeline with semi-tinted windows, and turn the music on loud enough for us to feel the bass beat!
Is this what an affair is? Do people really meet at parks and have a quickie in the backseat of their family car? Obviously, they weren't from around here as they may risk being recognized. I am appalled that this was happening at my park. I am fairly sure that my boys wouldn't even remember that there were other people at the park, but I still don't want them exposed to such behavior. If I knew that man's wife, you better believe me, I would be marching up her doorstep right now....What a scum!

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Rebecca said...

I can't believe that! Maybe they were married to each other and trying to be spontaneous. That's what I'd prefer to think!