So, do you ever feel like when you start one thing, it just leads to the next and the next and the next. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes not so much! For example: I noticed about a year ago that there was a water stain on my kitchen ceiling. So after much stalling, I called a plumber to take a look at my bathroom just above the stain. There really was not a problem with the plumbing, only with the children using the plumbing, ie: spilled tub water, LARGE amounts of tub water!

Well, to alleviate this problem, we thought we should probably pull up the disgusting bathroom carpet and tile the floor. Well, that has turned into a 6 week project of moving the shower and tub, adding a linen closet (yea!), removing one medicine cabinet in order to install a sliding pocket door, adding additional medicine cabinets as framed mirrors over the sinks, replacing the tile counter top with granite and under the counter sinks, installing 3 new light fixtures, installing full tile shower, tub deck and floor with radiant heat, removing two windows, replacing one with glass block and the other with another window, refinishing the outside siding to close the original window hole, and replacing all the faucets and hardware to match. Now while all this will be an amazing end job, it is 6 weeks (so far) of pretty much dirt and dust.

This then lead to the fact that if we were having an electrician in, we should have a ceiling fan installed into the master bedroom......and then the girls' room, and then Grant's room and now Walt's room, and probably install the new gas range that we bought when our microwave went out.

And, since there is a stain on the ceiling in the kitchen that needs to be patched and painted, perhaps the whole inside of the main living space needs to be repainted and the trim work replaced.

This snowball has continued to roll to the outside of the house and we are now having that painted as well.

And finally, today I am going to buy a new Grand Piano for the living room.
Our next consideration was replacing all the carpet, which is mostly just upstairs....because we refinished our main floor hardwood last year.

Will it ever stop? Probably not, but as I was thing usually leads to the next and sometimes it's a good thing, and sometimes, not so much!

I will be grateful when this project comes to a close.

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Rachel Freeman said...

Where's the pictures for those of us not in CO?