Boot Camp

So I started my 4th bootcamp today. I actually thought as I was getting dressed at 4:50am that perhaps I am not as into this as I thought I was or that I don't love it as much as I say I do. I was actually a little sick to my stomach as I drove to camp and wondering what in the world am I doing? Does it really take this much committment and dedication to be able to eat what I want? I have lost inches overall, but not even 1 pound! I actually pay....alot.... to feel this miserable. But then, I finish my 75 minutes of pretty much pure torture and I know why I have again returned. It's the feeling that I can actually do this. I can run wind sprints and do walking lunges holding a 10lb ball over my head. Two weeks ago, I actually ran a 8:23 mile. Only one, but I did it. And so, I am back on track to finish my 4th bootcamp. I know that I continue to do this because I would never push myself this hard, 5 days a week, at 5:30am. I know that if I quit this camp, I would maybe never come back, because I know how hard it is. Monday through Friday I wake up at 4:45am, finish bootcamp at 6:45am, push my kids out the door by 8:30am and feel that I have accomplished alot!

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